Intensity Modulated
Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

Intensity modulated radiation therapy is a sophisticated radiation therapy delivery method that allows for high doses of radiation to the tumor, while sparing normal tissues. During Intensity modulated radiation therapy planning, the radiation oncologist uses CT scan-based treatment planning to define the target volume and the adjacent normal organs. This allows for a three-dimensional model of the patient to be constructed in the treatment planning system. Then, the radiation oncologist, in conjunction with the physics and dosimetry teams, design the radiotherapy dose distribution. The dose to the target (tumor and possibly lymph node regions) and the dose to the normal structures are carefully measured to ensure that adequate dose is given, while meeting safety criteria. Once the treatment is approved by the radiation oncologist and has undergone quality assurance checks, the treatment plan is imported into the treatment machine (linear accelerator). The treatment plan can then be delivered to the patient, as planned on a daily basis.


Piedmont Hospital was one of the first radiation therapy centers in Georgia to add intensity modulated radiation therapy treatments to its portfolio of offered treatments, and is very proud of our extensive experience with this technology