GammaTile Brachytherapy

As the only GammaTile Elite Center in the Southeastern United States, we are proud to offer our patients the latest advance in targeted brain cancer treatment, GammaTile Brachytherapy. This technique provides immediate, dose-intense, normal brain sparing, radiation treatment at the completion of neurosurgical resection for multiple types of tumors.

This treatment modality has demonstrated a significant improvement in the time to progression of tumors in patients with recurrent meningiomas, glioblastoma, and brain metastases. Additionally, the therapy offers a very favorable depth-dose profile that maximizes dose to the tumor bed after resection and spares normal brain tissue.

Importantly, GammaTile brachytherapy has demonstrated equivalent or improved radiation-related brain changes when compared to traditional methods of brachytherapy or postoperative stereotactic or conventional brain radiation in properly selected patients. The safety profile of the therapy was much better than traditional implantable radiation or chemotherapeutic agents, which led the FDA to approve it in 2019. In 2020, the indications were expanded to include treatment for newly diagnosed malignant tumors as well.

GammaTile brachytherapy is achieved by placing bioresorbable collagen tiles that are embedded with radioactive cesium-131 sources in the patient’s freshly resected surgical cavity. These tiles are capable of delivering a significant dose of radiation in a very conformal manner. This treatment prevents microscopic tumor from proliferating in the surgical cavity while preventing harm to adjacent brain tissue. The neurosurgeon and radiation oncologist work closely pre-surgical resection, during surgical resection, and post-surgical resection to ensure that each patient has a personalized and safe GammaTile radiation treatment plan.

We welcome you to discuss the benefits of this exciting, cutting edge, treatment technique with our team!